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*Relationship Manager *Creator *Founder

*Board Member *Moderator *Neurodiversity Advocate *Community builder

Paving the path for Neurodivergent community Employee Resource Groups in the Clinical Research, Development, & Pharmaceutical Space.


Téa is a Relationship Manager, Creator, Founder, Board Member, Moderator, Photographer, & Rainy Weather Enthusiast.


A passionate creator of new processes, systems, communities, and resources to help promote the overall success of neurodivergent women, employees, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.


Téa is a board member of the Music Beyond Measure 501(c)(3) organization and the creator/founder of Leaders in Clinical Research (LRC). As a survivor, Téa volunteers and shares her story with several women’s organizations.


Focusing on how the end result can make people’s lives better, whether through drug development for rare disease treatment, by mentoring women in STEM, or supporting trauma survivors; the personal connections drive Téa's passions.

Guest Appearances

Master of Business Administration & Master of Psychology

  • Uniquely positioned to analyze corporate culture

  • Focus on Operational Psychology and how to create healthy workplaces

  • Trained in ELDS (Energy Leadership Development System)

Expat Experiences:

Bucaramanga, Colombia

Santiage, Chile


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